Changes made to language/en-GB.com_redshop.ini

approx line 179: COM_REDSHOP_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK_LBL="Total Product in Stock: "

approx line 361: COM_REDSHOP_SHOP_MORE="Continue Shopping"

approx line 537: COM_REDSHOP_CUSTOMER_NOTE_LBL="Year/Model Buick & Message"


SERVER PERMISSIONS Exceptions for Buickfarm.ncomet

administrator/components/com_redshop/helpers/redshop.cfg.php = 777 (necessary to allow RS configuration file to be updated and saved).

/components/com_redshop/assets/documents = 777 (necessary for PDF creation for order invoice)

/components/com_redshop/assets/images = 777 (necessary for thumbnail creation)