Please check the website from time to time as we are continuing to add NOS Buick parts to our inventory. Also if you have any NOS Buick parts for sale please feel free to contact us.

Today, there is not much left to buy out there, but we still have over 10,000 square feet of neatly shelved N.O.S. parts.

We are not a Part Locator & we do not back order parts!

At the Buick Farm we sell not only New Old Stock (NOS) factory parts, but also a small amount of hard to find reproduction items (NORS). In most cases parts are in new condition. However due to the age of some of these parts (60 or 70 years old) some may show minor shelf wear. If a part has any damage it will be noted in our catalog listings. Please note that in some Photos of our Moldings you may notice a Red or Green Color on them which appears to be Paint, but it is NOT. This is the Buick Vinyl protective coating installed at the factory to ensure a scratch free surface and is removable when it comes time for installation.

An additional note on chrome parts, GM (BUICK) did not use show quality chrome on their cars. Do not expect 100 point show chrome that you see at the Concours shows.

However, you will not see the grinding waves and ground off detail on die cast pieces. Only N.O.S. can give you the sharp detail of the original design.

A note about mechanical parts also, these parts will be for your year and model Buick, not an aftermarket part that was designed for a Chevy, but should fit on a Buick.

We also carry some original Buick Literature. Shop Manuals, Body Manuals, Parts Books, Service Bulletins, Facts Books, Showroom Albums, Showroom Brochures and Buick Books of interest. All literature is original GM print, most books are used, but a few are new.

Thank you for visiting our Website and we hope that we can be of assistance to you with the restoration or repair of your Buick!!

Give us a try, you’ll see that original is best!!!